Shanghai launched a new type of rapid pesticide re

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The data automatically collected during the launch of the new fast tightening in Shanghai is very different from the data collected during the slow tightening or static tightening. The large pesticide residue rapid tester

learned from the simple service center for the transformation and use of high-tech achievements in Shanghai, the high-speed conversion project CNY multi-functional pesticide residue rapid tester recognized by the center, It breaks through the technical problems that domestic and foreign pesticide residue rapid detection instruments can only detect phosphorus and carbamate pesticide residues, and avoids many human errors. It provides a new means for the detection of pyrethroid pesticide residues, which is fully promoted by the agricultural authorities, and fills the domestic technical gap

the CNY multi-functional pesticide residue rapid detector launched by Shanghai Ruixin Technology Instrument Co., Ltd. is controlled by a single chip microcomputer. It can not only detect the residues of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides, but also detect the residues of pyrethroids. With one instrument, three series of pesticide residues can be detected. It is applicable to the rapid detection of pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits, tea, etc. before listing and in circulation by the quality and safety supervision departments of agricultural products, farmers' markets and planting bases, health supervision departments, canteens and other units

cny- multifunctional pesticide residue rapid detector can simultaneously determine 12 organophosphorus and carbamate pesticide residue samples and one pyrethroid pesticide residue sample at one time, and has high sensitivity, which can detect the pesticide residue content of 0.5 mg/kg. The general instrument can only detect the content of 2mg/kg. It has fast detection speed, and it only takes more than ten minutes for vegetables to be sent for inspection, from sample processing to determination to the final result

cny- the multi-functional pesticide residue rapid tester has provided early guarantee for the food safety of the Expo. The vegetables after determination and screening meet the pollution-free standard. Through the application and exhibition of the WorldExpo, it has been favored by some institutions in other provinces and cities, such as Chengdu Municipal Bureau of agriculture, which has reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Ruixin company. The Shanghai Municipal Committee of agriculture has also selected this pesticide residue determination equipment for establishing subsidiaries and R & D centers abroad as a vegetable support base

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