Shanghai natural rubber bottomed out and rebounded

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On the 28th, in particular, it has the functions of remote control, remote expert analysis and material analysis. The bottom of natural rubber in the sea rebounded.

Tokyo rubber rose slightly on Thursday due to the firmness of oil prices, but the strength of the yen limited the rise. TOCOM index rose about 1.7 yen to 285.7 yen per kilogram in September

today, the price of Shanghai futures rose from the bottom, and at the close, the contracts rose and fell, ranging from -410 (RMB, the same below) to 20 yuan, of which the main 0807 contract was reported at 22375 yuan, down 25 yuan. A total of 138300 transactions were made throughout the day, with a total position of 6.5. If rust was found in 80000 transactions, an increase of 1194 transactions

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