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Shanghai North Glass offline tempered double silver low

may, 2011, a warm spring day. The 22nd China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition was held as scheduled in Pudong, Shanghai. The North Glass team took the lead in demonstrating to Chinese and foreign customers the new offline Kegang Shuangyin Low-E products that can be industrialized on a large scale and reprocessed in a long distance. As the saying goes, the sword comes out of its sheath and shines on the stage. The exquisite glass samples have attracted many attention and extensive praise, and even many customers place orders on the spot

2011 is a year of sharp increase in China's Low-E market demand, 3. The demand of 2.8 billion square meters increased by 48 over the same period. 6%, and the sales revenue of Low-E glass industry reached 190. 4.7 billion yuan, mainly single silver glass. With the guidance of government departments to popularize Low-E glass, people's demand for Low-E has soared. After reviewing the situation, Beijing glass decided to launch the offline tempered double silver Low-E production line, so that people can enjoy a high-quality life in a more environmentally friendly environment, because double silver is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than single silver, with lower u and SC values and higher product added value, The most important thing is to solve the contradiction between the high visible transmittance and low solar transmittance of single silver low-e. it is a truly low-carbon and environmental friendly green product. In a positive sense, it is a low-carbon and environmental friendly green product

since January 2011, North glass has seen such projects. In February, it invested 11.4 million yuan to complete the overall transformation of the coating equipment. In March, it entered the commissioning stage and completed the design of 11 layer film system. In April, it entered the experimental research stage and made a major breakthrough in technical difficulties. In early May, it achieved the success of pilot production, and the samples submitted for inspection passed the inspection of the National Glass Quality Supervision and inspection center

external reflectance: 8 mainly exists in the small conditioning range of swing angle and swing speed. 7% <15% (no light pollution)

transmittance: 75%> 70% (high permeability after single sheet tempering)

SC (shading coefficient): 0. 36﹤0。 4 (shading type after argon filling)

u value (heat transfer coefficient): 1. 29﹤1。 4 (better thermal insulation performance after argon filling)

total solar transmittance: 29% <40% (effectively limiting solar thermal radiation to the greatest extent)

the above parameters may only meet or exceed the national standards, but the goal of norglass is not limited to this. Its goal is to exceed the standards of many enterprises related to new materials in the world, It is to let Shuangyin Low-E glass enter thousands of households until the oil level reaches the oil window 1.5, so that more people can enjoy the real green environment and taste the high quality of life

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