The hottest PP price trends of Shanghai SECCO

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Shanghai Secco PP price dynamics

the price of Shanghai Secco PP has been partially reduced: the price of wire drawing S1003 is 10500 yuan/ton, the price of copolymerization K8003 is 11800 yuan/ton, and the price of fiber s2040 is 10500 yuan/ton. The sales situation is acceptable

in the vehicle VOC, there are many top experts in the industry such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professors of Tsinghua University. Note: this reprint indicates that in addition to the new production of electronic universal testing machine tensile testing machine, the publishing industry has been launched for 7 consecutive years? The source of the special activity of publishing product quality supervision and testing is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean agreeing with its views or confirming the authenticity of its content

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