Working principle of the hottest plug valve

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Instrument panel (interior trim panel): the low odor TPO plastic lining skin and modified PP material are used to control the odor. The working principle of the plunger valve is mainly in the process link.

the plunger valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, valve rod, plunger, hand wheel, sealing ring, hole frame and other parts. When the hand wheel is rotated, the plunger is driven by the valve rod to make it move up and down between the two sealing rings to complete the opening and closing of the valve Lignin plastic agricultural products

in the plunger valve, interference fit is adopted between the plunger and the sealing ring. When the plunger is inserted into the inner hole of the sealing ring, the sealing ring is compressed, which is why it has been recognized and favored by the industry. At this time, the radial component force generated by the interference seal ring will be greater than the fluid pressure, thus ensuring the sealing. When the plunger is drawn out, the sealing ring is restored to its original state under the elastic action of the material. At this time, the fluid flows to the outlet through the hole frame and the lower sealing ring

as the sealing ring is made of new non-metallic materials, it has good comprehensive mixing performance and can withstand long-term high temperature and high pressure without losing elasticity. Moreover, the contact area between the plunger and the sealing ring is large. Therefore, the sealing is reliable and durable

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