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Working principle of fried instant noodle food packaging machine

1 Introduction

instant noodles is the second largest processed food after bread in the world. China is the largest producer and marketer of instant noodles in the world. According to the statistics of N-t and J-T curves, there are nearly 3000 instant noodle production lines in China, with an annual production capacity of 19billion packages and a sales volume of 22.2 billion yuan. The output and sales volume have maintained an increase of more than 30%, far higher than the average growth level of 20.6% in the national food industry. The data shows that with the adjustment of people's dietary structure and the change of eating habits, as well as the sustainable development of China's economy, it has brought good opportunities to the food packaging machinery industry, promoted the rapid development of the food processing industry, and required a large number of high-quality food packaging machinery. The ultimate role of food machinery is to improve productivity and product diversification

2. Production process of fried instant noodles

production process of fried instant noodles:

mixing and mixing of raw materials → ripening → composite tablet pressing → continuous tablet pressing → strip corrugation and forming → cooking and gelatinization → initial cooling → cutting → folding → sorting → flavor → frying and dehydration → cooling → finished product inspection → packaging by bags → packing of finished products

this paper mainly introduces the working principle of the last process of the instant noodle production line: the fully automatic pillow type packaging machine for sub bag packaging

3. Working principle of food packaging machine

1) overview of food packaging machine:

the application of high-tech technological achievements, the use of electromechanical integration, simple operation and programmed control have been perfectly reflected. Pillow type automatic packaging machine is widely used and has strong adaptability. It can be used for the packaging of biscuits, instant noodles, candy, ice cream and other small foods, as well as the packaging of medicine, parts, textiles, light chemicals and daily necessities. The total width of packaging materials can reach 450mm, and the packaging size can be freely selected within the range of length () mm, width () mm and height () mm. The packaging capacity is pack/min, and the power used is 4kw. Overall size: 5050 × nine hundred and sixty × 1800 mm。

2) composition of electrical system:

the power supply adopts three-phase five wire system (or three-phase four wire system) 380v/50hz power supply, and the power consumption is about 5kW

the electrical system of the host is mainly composed of three parts, the control part with PLC and speed sensorless vector converter as the core and the heating control part

3) working principle of fully automatic pillow type

a) heating system

after the control cabinet is powered on, heating can be selected. The heater adopts 48 V safety voltage. After setting the required heating temperature, it usually takes about 20 minutes to reach the set temperature

b) operation and speed setting

the programmable controller can select Manual and automatic operation according to the operation mode. At this time, the "power" and "run" Indicators on the PLC device are on. After the film and package (instant noodles) are adjusted, set the operation mode switch SA2 to the "automatic" position, set the tracking switch SA3 to the "automatic" position, press the start button SB2, the longitudinal sealing electromagnet ya1 is closed, the operation alarm is energized for about 2 seconds, and the machine operates continuously

the host adopts KV2000 sensorless vector converter for speed regulation. The operation keyboard of the frequency converter is installed on the operation control cabinet, and the operation speed is set by the panel potentiometer R1. The speed of the motor is displayed on the frequency converter operation keyboard. RPM = (120 × F057 output frequency/f052 number of motor poles) × Gear ratio. When leaving the factory, the relevant parameters have been set. Generally, the user should not modify the parameters

c) differential mechanism and bag length adjustment machine of pillow type automatic packaging machine (omitted)

d) tracking system

tracking system is the control core of the packaging machine and is controlled by PLC program (see part of the main PLC tracking program). The system can accurately position according to the shape and size of the packed items, and adopts forward and reverse two-way tracking, which further improves the tracking. 3. The power system of microcomputer controlled material testing machine is also called motor precision. The errors of packaging materials in the production process are found in time, and at the same time, they are accurately compensated and corrected to avoid the waste of packaging materials. After the machine runs, the film mark sensor continuously detects the film mark (color code). Meanwhile, the tracking of the mechanical part and the micro opening of the polyurethane rigid foam will become an important part of the building insulation materials in China. The above two signals are sent to the PLC. After the program calculation, the positive and negative tracking of the tracking motor is controlled by the outputs y6 (positive tracking) and Y12 (negative tracking) of the PLC. If the test fails to meet the technical requirements after tracking the scheduled times, the machine can be shut down automatically for inspection to avoid the generation of waste products

e) requirements of food packaging machine for frequency converter speed regulation

although the application function of the transmission system used in food packaging machine is relatively simple, it has high requirements for the dynamic performance of the transmission. The system requires fast dynamic following performance and high speed stability accuracy. Therefore, we must consider the dynamic technical indicators of the frequency converter, and select high-performance frequency converter to meet the requirements

f) characteristics of KV2000 speed sensorless vector converter

1) apply speed sensorless vector control technology, with automatic tuning function and automatic frequency correction, so as to achieve the effect of stable motor speed when load changes

2) with high speed stability accuracy and fast dynamic response, it can meet the requirements of transmission control in high-performance occasions. Reduce the time and economic loss caused by transmission system failure. At the same time, the speed sensor is omitted and the maintenance cost is low

3) it has the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, miniaturization and low noise operation

g) in the peripheral circuit of KV2000 frequency converter, it is mainly composed of six parts

1) DC braking resistance terminal p+, DB external braking resistance R0; Make the system of wood-based panel stretching, tightening and zigzag fixture realize instant safe parking when parking

2) in the input terminal of the control circuit, fwd/rev is the forward/reverse signal, wherein FWD receives the Y0 output signal from PLC, and the frequency converter operates forward according to the set frequency; X1, X2, X3, x4, X5 and X6 are user-defined multi-function input selection terminals, where X1 receives inching signal from PLC program control output Y1, and the frequency converter realizes inching operation

3) the frequency setting is set by the potentiometer R1 installed on the electric control cabinet to facilitate the on-site operator to adjust the speed according to the production needs

4) among the output terminals of the control circuit, Ta and TC are the fault output terminals of the frequency converter. When the frequency converter fails, the input signals com and X10 of the PLC are closed, and the program control system alarms and stops automatically

4. Conclusion

pillow type food packaging machine applies speed sensorless vector variable frequency speed regulation, which has the following advantages:

1) simplifies the transmission system, improves the stability and reliability of the machine operation, reduces the noise of the machine operation, greatly prolongs the service life, minimizes the failure rate, and reduces the maintenance cost of the enterprise

2) increase output and reduce cost. It can improve production technology, improve product output and quality, effectively save costs and maximize profits

3) realize the functions of high efficiency, low loss and automatic detection of the packaging machine

4) realize non tripping operation through torque lifting, stall prevention, restart and other functions; So that the product quality is stable and the efficiency is improved

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