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Working principle of chemical centrifugal pump

the working principle of chemical centrifugal pump is that when the pump is full of water, the impeller rotates to generate centrifugal force, and the water in the impeller channel is thrown outward and flows into the pump shell under the action of centrifugal force, so the central pressure of the impeller is reduced, which is lower than the pressure in the inlet pipe, and the water flows into the impeller from the suction pool under the action of this pressure difference. In this way, the water pump can continuously absorb water and supply water. In addition to the role of the impeller, the role of the spiral pump casing is also very important. The liquid that obtains energy from the impeller has a greater function when it flows out of the impeller. These liquids are collected in the spiral pump shell and convert kinetic energy into pressure energy in the back diffusion tube

compared with other types of pumps, chemical centrifugal pumps have the advantages of simple structure, not easy to wear, stable operation, low noise, uniform water discharge, convenient adjustment and high efficiency. Therefore, chemical centrifugal pumps have been widely used

precautions for use of chemical centrifugal pump:

installation instructions

1 During installation, the weight of the pipeline shall not be added to the water pump, and there shall be respective supports to avoid deformation affecting the operation performance and service life

2. The pump and motor are of an integral structure, so they do not need to be aligned during installation, so the installation is very convenient

3. The foundation bolts must be tightened during installation to avoid the impact of vibration on pump performance during startup

4 the first Toray PPS Composite material production base in Europe has been put into use Before installing the water pump, carefully check whether there are hard objects (such as stones, iron particles, etc.) in the pump passage that affect the operation of the water pump, so as to avoid damaging the impeller and pump body during the operation of the water pump

5. In order to facilitate maintenance and safe use, a regulating valve is installed on the inlet and outlet pipelines of the pump and a pressure gauge is installed near the pump outlet to ensure the operation within the rated head and flow range, ensure the normal operation of the pump and increase the service life of the pump

6. When the pump is used for suction, it shall be equipped with a bottom valve, and the inlet pipeline shall not have too many bends, and there shall be no water or air leakage

7. Discharge pipeline such as check valve shall be installed outside the gate valve. 1. Generally, the elongation at break of PE is 90% ~ 950% (among which the elongation of LLDPE is higher)

8 When the pump shaft is moved after installation, the impeller shall have friction sound or jamming, otherwise the pump shall be disassembled to check the cause

9. The installation mode of pump is divided into hard connection and flexible connection installation

start and stop:

I Preparation before starting

1 Rotate the fan blade of the motor by hand, and the impeller shall be free of jamming and grinding, and the rotation shall be flexible

2. Open the inlet valve, open the exhaust valve to fill the whole pump chamber with liquid, and then close the exhaust valve

3. Turn the pump by hand to make the lubricating fluid enter the mechanical seal face

the condenser of the cold and heat shock test chamber shall be maintained regularly every month. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust attached to the condenser radiator, or use a hard brush or a high-pressure air nozzle to blow the dust after startup Jog the motor to determine whether the steering is correct

II startup and operation

1 Fully open the inlet valve and close the outlet pipeline valve

2. Turn on the power supply. When the pump reaches the normal speed, gradually open the valve on the discharge pipeline and adjust it to the required working condition

3. Pay attention to the reading of the instrument and check the leakage of the shaft seal. In normal cases, the leakage of the mechanical seal is less than 3 drops/min. check that the temperature rise at the motor and bearing is 70 ° C. If any abnormality is found, it shall be handled in time

three stops

1 Gradually close the discharge pipeline valve and cut off the power supply

2. Close the inlet valve

3. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ° C, drain the liquid in the pump to avoid frost cracking

4. If the pump is out of service for a long time, it shall be disassembled, cleaned, packaged and kept

pump maintenance and service:

maintenance and service in operation

1 The water pipeline must be highly sealed

2. Long term operation of the pump under cavitation condition is prohibited

3. It is forbidden to operate the motor for a long time with overcurrent when the pump is running at flow

4. Check regularly, but at the same time, it can also test new technology in low-yield vehicles outside the mainstream. When the pump is running, the motor will run over current for a long time

5. The pump shall be watched by a specially assigned person during operation to avoid accidents

6. The bearing shall be lubricated every 500 hours of pump operation. Motor power greater than 11kw is equipped with oil filling device, which can be directly injected with high-pressure oil gun to ensure excellent bearing lubrication

7. After long-term operation of the pump, if the noise and vibration of the unit are increased due to mechanical wear, the pump shall be stopped for inspection. If necessary, the vulnerable parts and bearings can be replaced. The overhaul period of the unit is generally one year

II maintenance of mechanical seal

1 Mechanical seal lubrication shall be clean and free of solid particles

2. It is forbidden to work the mechanical seal under dry grinding

3. Before starting, the pump (motor) shall be turned for several circles to avoid the seal ring being broken and damaged due to sudden starting

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