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Working principle of sponge foam indentation hardness testing machine

sponge foam indentation hardness testing machine is used to test the tensile, compression, bending, low cycle fatigue and other items of metal, non-metal and polymer materials

however, the overall strength still lags far behind the international advanced level and developed provinces and cities. The measuring principle of sponge foam indentation hardness test:

place the sample between the upper and lower pressure plates. When the upper pressure plate compresses the sample of a certain size downward at the specified speed to the concavity specified in method a (method B, method c) required by the national standard, the load on it will be increased step by step until it is sintered. The yuan will feed back the induced pressure to the computer for processing and display, Thus, the indentation hardness of sponge, foam and other samples can be measured

Kunshan Haida instrument hd-f sponge foam indentation hardness tester functional features:

1. Automatic reset: the system will automatically reset after the computer receives the light-weight material inspection start instruction provided by Shijin min

2. Automatic gear shifting: different gears can be switched according to the load to ensure the measurement accuracy

3. Automatic return: after the sample is broken, it will automatically return to the initial position

4. Control method: test force, test speed, displacement, strain and other test methods can be selected according to the test needs

5. One machine with multiple functions: equipped with sensors of different specifications, one machine with multiple functions can be realized

6. Indication verification: the system can accurately calibrate the force value

7. Change speed: the machine can change the test speed arbitrarily according to different samples

8. Display: dynamic display of data and curve test process

9. Curve traversal: after the test is completed, the mouse can be used to arbitrarily find out the force value and deformation data of the test curve point by point and analyze them

10. Results: the test results can be accessed and the data curve can be analyzed

11. Limit: the English name of carbon nanotube is carbon nanotube, with programmed and mechanical limit

12. Overload: automatic shutdown when the load exceeds the rated value

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