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Working principle of LPG pressure regulating valve

when LPG comes out of the steel cylinder, it is a high-pressure gas that first reaches the pressure reducing chamber through the air inlet pipe. When the user turns off the switch of the gas appliance, the pressure rises with the increase of LPG entering the pressure reducing chamber. The rubber film pressed by the spring is pushed up, and part of the air in the upper chamber is discharged from the valve body through the breathing hole. In this way, the lever is forced to move upward, the valve port is closed by using the lever effect, and the channel of LPG inlet is cut off, and the pressure at the outlet of the pressure reducing valve will no longer rise. When the switch of the gas appliance is turned on, the liquefied petroleum gas flows out of the pressure reducing valve, causing the pressure in the pressure reducing chamber to drop, the rubber film to sag, driving the lever to move down, and the external air enters the upper gas chamber from the breathing hole, causing the valve pad to move towards the center. The air inlet nozzle becomes larger, the air inlet volume increases, and the pressure increases. This repeated and continuous adjustment process makes the pressure in the decompression chamber always constant, that is, no matter whether the inlet pressure is high or low in order not to affect our experimental results and prolong the service life of the experimental equipment, the outlet pressure is always stable until the pressure is reduced and stabilized

the pressure reducer is also called pressure reducer. Its function is to remove the gaseous liquefied petroleum gas from 0.2% of the steel cylinder, improve the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and prevent environmental pollution. It is complementary to each other -10 kg/cm2. It reduces the pressure to millimeter water column at one time for the burner to use. The other function is to stabilize the pressure. No matter how the outlet pressure of the steel cylinder changes, the outlet low pressure after pressure regulation by the pressure regulator is stable, To ensure the normal combustion of the gas appliance

its working principle: open the steel cylinder angle cutting, the inlet pressure increases, the LPG entering the decompression chamber increases, and the decompression chamber rises accordingly. In this way, the film is convex, and part of the chamber gas in the upper chamber is discharged from the upper chamber through the breathing hole. In this way, the film drives the structural rod to move up, so that the cutting pad moves down close to the gas nozzle, resulting in short service life, reduced gas volume and reduced pressure. When the pressure in the air reducing chamber drops to a certain extent, the film is concave, which drives the lever to move downward, and the upper air chamber becomes negative pressure. Part of the external air is sucked through the breathing hole. At this time, the cutting pad moves upward, the air inlet nozzle becomes larger, which also increases the air inlet volume and the pressure. In this way, once the air source is connected, the numerical simulation technology of injection molding process and mechanical properties of plastic parts is used and developed. Through several times of such film moving up and down, It can supply gas normally at the required outlet working pressure, and when the inlet pressure changes, it can also make the outlet pressure constant at a certain value through such action, so as to reduce the pressure and stabilize the pressure, and ensure the normal combustion of the gas appliance

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