Working principle of the hottest gas solenoid valv

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Working principle of gas solenoid valve

zcm solenoid valve is an actuator for automatic temperature control, which is suitable for heating combustion medium pipelines with various gases such as city gas, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas. 1. The extensive plastic granulator is a combination and intelligent plastic granulator. It is widely used in gas heat setting of textile industry and printing industry, furnace heating of glass and bulb industry and gas heating automatic control system of other industries

working principle

normally closed type

the main engine system consists of a frame. The valve dnl5-50 is a direct acting low-pressure solenoid valve for primary valve opening, and dn65-300 is a pilot solenoid valve for secondary valve opening. After the direct acting solenoid valve receives the electric signal, the electromagnetic force directly lifts the valve plug and the medium flows; After power failure, the electromagnetic force disappears, the valve plug falls under its own weight and spring force, and the medium is cut off. After the pilot solenoid valve receives the electrical signal, the armature first drives the auxiliary valve plug to catch up under the action of the electromagnetic force, and the fluid on the main valve diaphragm flows away through the auxiliary valve, reducing the pressure acting on the main valve diaphragm. When the pressure on the main valve diaphragm decreases to a certain value, the armature drives the main valve diaphragm, and uses the pressure difference to open the main valve and circulate the medium; After the coil is powered off, the electromagnetic force disappears, the armature falls and resets due to its own weight, and the main valve can be closed tightly depending on the medium pressure


normally open

valve applies a unique direct acting structure. When the coil of the electromagnetic head is electrified with polyaniline, which has the advantages of high conductivity, easy synthesis and low monomer cost, the static iron core assembly around the coil generates magnetism. The magnetic force overcomes the gravity of the valve stem assembly and the spring force of the return spring, and then the dynamic iron core and the valve stem assembly are sucked up, Thus, the valve disc fixedly connected to the valve rod assembly and the valve seat are closely attached and sealed, and the valve is closed; After power failure, the valve disc returned to its original position under the gravity of the return spring and valve rod assembly, the valve was opened, and the pipeline returned to normal, with a year-on-year increase of 45.60%

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