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Enlighten the mind and bathe in the sunshine ----- "good employees" learning and public sharing


in August, 2012, tepli company held a good employee training lecture. More than 200 managers of the company participated in the training, and the whole training was mainly based on the speech CD of "good employee" by Professor Lin Weixian of BSE business school in the United States. Lin Weixian, a mentor of the business model of American enterprise business school, believes that a real good employee should have the following characteristics: don't care about personal gains and losses, don't worry too much, know contentment, gratitude, understanding and tolerance, etc., know that concentration is better than experts, know that only a good employee can be a good boss, etc

on the afternoon of September 14, the open sharing of training was organized. Representatives of all departments of the company participated in the activity, and 11 selected excellent answers made public speeches. The old staff at the scene infected everyone present with their sincere and plain speeches and unremitting dedication of decades of work, while the new staff expounded their views from a unique perspective, full of vitality and passion, while the audience was enthusiastic and the applause continued. Zhang Huamei, who has always been afraid of speaking on the stage, successfully challenged herself and won the first place. She said, "I am very grateful to the company for giving me this opportunity to challenge myself, so I think as a good employee, I must first surpass myself and dare to challenge." She believes that to be a good employee and a valuable employee, we must first integrate ourselves into the company, and then be good at communication, understand gratitude, dare to take responsibility, and constantly innovate. Her speech pushed the event to a climax and won everyone's affirmation. The applause was not calm for a long time. After voting, the top three excellent students received cash awards ranging from 300 yuan to 100 yuan respectively. Through the speech, everyone knows more about how to be a good employee

Yang Ji, chairman of tupley, was deeply moved and fully affirmed this event; He believes that only with good employees can there be a good enterprise; As a part of the project to improve the company's management system, this activity has made a good start. Through the joint efforts of all employees, the management level of the company will be substantially improved. It is said that the younger and knowledgeable employees of the company are the hope of the company, and the old employees, as the backbone of the company, will also make greater contributions to the company. The company hereby informs you that the company will also organize similar training. I hope you can actively participate in it. Employees with different learning needs can also give us suggestions at any time. The learning contents and methods can be adjusted appropriately according to your actual needs. I hope you can improve yourself in learning, combine practice with theory, and become a valuable tupolet

Topley wallpaper company won the first player in the speech

Topley wallpaper company won the winner in the speech

everyone was listening carefully and taking notes at the speech site

Mr. Yang Ji, general manager of Topley wallpaper company, presented the award to the winners

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