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Huguoshuai, director of cabinet retail business of Libo at Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition, was interviewed by Huiya media. Focusing on the theme of this year's exhibition, "customization in the new year", he shared the process of Libo's transformation to full house customization and some plans for this year

interview guest: huguoshuai, retail business director of Hangzhou Libo cabinet Co., Ltd.

Huiya media: what is the purpose of Libo's exhibition this year? What is the expected effect of the exhibition

President Hu: in 2017, Libo made a major transformation, conforming to the general trend of the development of the home furnishing industry last year, upgrading from Libo cabinet brand to Libo cabinet | full house customization. An important purpose of participating in this exhibition is to make good use of the window platform of wardrobe exhibition to show that the brand of Libo has been transformed and upgraded. Different from the past, it is no longer just taking the overall cabinet as the main product of the exhibition, but increasing the display and publicity of the customized products of the whole house. In fact, the general trend of this year's exhibition is the same, but for Libo, it is a little different, because Libo has been rooted and developed in the cabinet industry for more than 15 years, and has a good technical and technological foundation. It is also one of the few brands in the industry that have their own solid wood production lines. Therefore, there are still a lot of product categories used in the whole house customization coverage, It is also expected that the development and design of the 15th National Congress style series will be completed this year

Huiya media: e-commerce is no longer a new topic. More and more household enterprises are "electrocuted". Do you have your own e-commerce platform? How do you view the development of customized home e-commerce

President Hu: compared with other e-commerce platforms in other industries, e-commerce platforms in the home customization industry started relatively late. One of the important reasons for this is that we cannot achieve real online sales when we do home customization, so we mainly adopt the 020 model. Based on the fact that many users in the market now rely heavily on the Internet mobile terminal and PC terminal, at the end of 2016, we set up the e-commerce department. Therefore, in 2017, we will continue to strengthen the development of online e-commerce and are expected to achieve a sales target of about 50 million this year. However, we mainly rely on the form of 020

Huiya media: last year, there was an environmental storm in the home market. The national requirements for environmental protection in the manufacturing industry are also getting higher and higher. The home market is also gradually developing towards the trend of environmental protection. How do you see this trend of environmental protection? How will your company improve product quality and environmental protection

President Hu: with the progress of society and the development of the times, now terminal consumer customers not only pay attention to the price of products, but also turn more attention to whether the products meet environmental protection standards and affect people's health. Therefore, they have paid more attention to the quality of products than the price of products. In fact, Libo has been adhering to the principle of environmental protection first for 15 years, and it is also the first batch of enterprises in the industry to pass the domestic environmental protection standard certification, and also passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. These certifications prove that our products are absolutely in line with the standards of relevant national environmental protection policies, and our production environment has also reached the international environmental protection level standards. Whether in the production of products or in the production process, for 15 years, Libo has always adhered to the use of the most environmentally friendly materials, adhered to the principle of environmental protection first, and provided customers with the most environmentally friendly products

Huiya media: in the wave of new technologies, many home furnishing enterprises are involved in intelligent technology means, such as using new intelligent technologies such as VR and 3D for sales marketing or changing the traditional marketing method by introducing new intelligent technologies. What do you think of the new intelligent technology

President Hu: long ago, Libo cabinet won the honorary title of "Hangzhou Internet of things demonstration enterprise". A very important reason for winning the award is that Libo took the lead in introducing a more advanced intelligent control system from the sales end to the backstage production end in this industry. From the store sales order drawing to the factory backstage production, the seamless connection is carried out through the intelligent system, which reduces the lack of products ordered by customers and greatly improves the production efficiency. Such an intelligent system has also been recognized by the government, enterprises and consumers. In fact, it can also be said to conform to the current production and development trend of household industry 4.0, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises




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