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Can the PVC industry conference stabilize the sales price?

the second PVC industry market seminar in 2001 was held in Beijing on May 19. A total of 58 deputy general managers and representatives in charge of marketing from 22 chlor alkali enterprises with the largest PVC production capacity in China and representative regions attended the meeting. China Chlor Alkali Industry Association attended the meeting for guidance. The meeting was presided over by Li Jun, general manager of Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhang Yuqiu, general manager of the host Beijing No.2 Chemical Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech. Zhang Guomin, Secretary General of China Chlor Alkali Industry Association, fully agreed on the important role of the seminar in stabilizing the PVC market, and hoped to further discuss more effective measures to protect the common interests of the industry

the meeting reviewed the market changes since the Hainan meeting, exchanged the production and operation of various units, analyzed the international market conditions of ethylene, EDC, VCM and the market conditions of PVC downstream users, and put forward positive opinions on the future market changes and how to better grasp the market. At the same time, from the perspective of industrial safety damage, the imported polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply gb/t 13663 ⑵ 000 were analyzed and studied, and the relevant international conventions and legal affairs were studied

the meeting held that:

1. Chlor alkali enterprises have faced the most severe situation since the Asian financial crisis. The import volume of PVC increased significantly in August. At present, the price is low and the economic benefits of enterprises are difficult. This requires enterprises to improve their competitiveness and adapt to the accelerated trend of global economic integration

2. At present, there are still various uncertain factors in the PVC market, but on the whole, it has reached the bottom or close to the bottom

3. Enterprises in the industry should unite, enhance confidence and jointly stabilize the market

suggestions of the meeting:

1. Further strengthen communication and coordination, especially during the intersessional period, and gradually carry out communication with major traders and downstream users

2. Pay more attention to the international chlor alkali market through the mutual cooperation between the base, reducer, electromechanical, belt pulley, eccentric wheel, sensor and control cabinet, especially the import of ethylene, EDC, VCM and PVC

3. Further stabilize the sales price and strengthen the scientific management of inventory. Then do you know what properties of particleboard need to be tested? Jinan experimental machine factory technology introduces the principle to users through the detection items, experimental methods, experimental conditions, etc

4. Further strengthen the research on industry damage, gradually establish an early warning mechanism for the damage of major products in the chlor alkali industry, and the backbone enterprises of the industry cooperate with the association to do a good job in this work

the meeting decided that the third PVC industry market seminar in 2001 will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province in August this year, and will be undertaken by Yibin Tianyuan Co., Ltd

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