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Can "print blog" set off a digital printing Sina wave

when it comes to printing and publishing, we have to talk about newspapers. As one of the three old media carriers, newspapers are not only impacted by some emerging media in recent years, but also facing the world financial crisis. Since the end of last year, tribuneco, the second largest newspaper group in the United States, the Chicago Tribune with two famous newspapers and the Los Angeles Times, officially announced its application for bankruptcy protection, and the New York Times announced that it would mortgage its headquarters building in Manhattan in exchange for bank loans to ease liquidity, Up to now, with the advent of the first blog newspaper in the United States, a lot of information has forced us to focus on this new thing and predict the future development mode of blog newspapers

EFE News Agency recently reported that this newspaper called "print blog" is published once a week, and will distribute China's recent comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development for free in Chicago, San Francisco and other places in the United States. Of the 2600 newspapers that were first published, hundreds will be distributed free to Chicago and San Francisco by mail. Joshua Kapp, the founder and editor in chief of the newspaper, said: the mode of printing newspapers has not changed for decades, and we will change this mode

so, what kind of model is blog newspaper? Blog is the symbol of decentralized media of 2.0, while newspaper is the symbol of centralized media of 1.0. Whether the combination of blog and newspaper can succeed depends on the level of. Similar to readers, it is also a Digest magazine with a larger print volume, but its positioning is clear, so it makes people feel very tasteful, which is different from other digest magazines in China. The advantage of this method is that localized content can attract local advertisers, so as to cover the target audience with less advertising investment. The advertising price of blog newspaper is relatively cheap. In addition, the newspaper also publishes classified advertisements. However, whether readers and advertisers are willing to pay for the media depends on whether the media itself has its own brand value and influence. It is difficult to establish its own brand effect by simply collecting blogs, just like building a tower of sand. This is also the key to the success of print blog

for the printing industry, this form of blog has been widely concerned as early as a few years ago. During the second China International all print exhibition, the blog E-print of Founder Yinjie was a new personalized digital printing business based on the new Internet blog content. Xiao Jianguo, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Founder group, believes that the development of online publishing is the general trend. People's demand for information is changing, with more diversified forms, more personalized content, more convenience and speed, and lower costs. At the same time, the media is also further integrated, and the digital content is becoming richer and richer, which also provides a new way for the dissemination of information. At present, online publishing in foreign countries has developed rapidly, and online publishing such as ebook, electronic music, IPTV and digital printing has gradually formed an industrial scale. Internet publishing is a special cultural industry, which involves ideology and information security. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop our own web publishing technology

with the development of modern science and technology, some groups are no longer in favor of the traditional way of reading newspapers, but browse through the screen directly through subscription. However, according to the survey of some industry scholars in recent years, most people still have a special liking for newspapers that emit a faint smell of ink. Blog newspaper is still a kind of paper print, but its form and style have changed, so it also needs advertisements that can keep it going. But with the reduction of newspaper readers and the recent turbulent financial crisis, how far can print blog go? Worrying. However, this is only an experiment, and the low-cost production method also reduces the risk to a certain extent. The short-term market is not optimistic. When the old media are full of confusion about the future, it is better to try a new business model than to do nothing

generally speaking, the demand of the market and the maturity of the technology have laid the foundation for the rapid development of blog digital printing. Although various problems have been encountered in the process of development, it is believed that with the active promotion of blog service providers and relevant management institutions of the cultural industry, the blog printing market will develop steadily. What is the future path of print blog, Let's wait and see

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