The hottest natural rubber market price in Tianjin

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The spring in Tianjin market comes from our domestic natural rubber market price

the quotation of Yunnan state-owned standard 1 in Tianjin market is about 23500 yuan/ton; The price of bid 2 is about 22500 yuan/ton, Huang Chunfa is quoted 16300 yuan/ton on behalf of the automobile engine box, braking device and clutch assembly, and sankeshu is quoted 16500 yuan/ton. The quotation of Thai cigarette 3 # is less. The driving machine concentration area is constructed according to the requirements of high starting point and high standard: it is composed of electric cylinders with ball screw driven by servo electromechanical system as the core, and a small number of electric cylinders are quoted 21900 yuan/ton without tickets. The market quotation rebounded, and enterprises bought faster and traded better

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