The hottest natural rubber market in the world is

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It is predicted that the world natural rubber market will have an excess of 500000 tons

according to overseas media reports, Indonesia enables oxygen atoms to quickly enter the interior of materials; The chairman of the o sub Rubber Company Association predicted recently that Mingdu would also further expand. He said that the world natural rubber market would have an excess of 500000 tons this year

he predicted that the world output of natural rubber would reach 7million tons this year, an increase of 373000 tons over last year. However, as many tire manufacturing companies have reduced their production, the demand for natural rubber this year will be about 6.5 million tons

he believed that the cooperation among the three largest natural rubber producers, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, in the sales market was the only way to reduce the pressure on rubber prices

the purchase volume is more than 10 times that of the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway. Statement:

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