Honeywell has made outstanding achievements in the

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Honeywell has made outstanding achievements in the field of energy conservation

by 2012, Honeywell will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and improve energy efficiency by 20%

in the past three years, Honeywell has been "reasonably streamlining" our freight cars, reducing the emission of about 2000 tons of carbon dioxide

in Canada, a brand-new factory will become part of Honeywell's largest comprehensive R & D facility in North America that has been certified by the green building assessment system

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In Virginia, Honeywell uses landfill gas as plant fuel, which can reduce the consumption of natural gas by 2500mbtu (million British thermal units) per day

in Honeywell, more than 90 employees are experts certified by the green building evaluation system

at Honeywell, nearly half of our product portfolio is related to energy conservation

the world's demand for energy is expected to increase by% in the next few decades. Using the existing Honeywell technology, the growth of energy demand can be controlled at about 12%

UOP, a subsidiary of Honeywell, has successfully converted vegetable oil into green diesel, which can reduce carbon emissions by 75%

since 1980, Honeywell has completed more than 5000 energy-saving projects worldwide

Honeywell has also helped more than 5 million households reduce energy consumption through cooperation with utilities. These projects are expected to achieve more than $5billion in energy and daily operation savings

Honeywell turns on the main motor of the experimental machine. The energy project signed by yuaner in 2007 is expected to save 1.1 million mBtu (million British thermal units) of natural gas, 188 million kwh of electricity, and 239 million gallons of water every year

Honeywell solar power generation equipment will generate more than 11 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year, which alleviates the pressure of power consumption on customers' electricity if it does not meet your parameters

Honeywell is one of the four energy service companies selected by the Clinton climate action plan, which aims to help major cities in the world reduce energy consumption and emissions

Honeywell is helping colleges and universities carry out "embrace green" activities through cooperation with the climate Committee of American university presidents

through the "demand feedback project" led by Honeywell, it helps utilities control the energy use of more than 950 MW during peak periods every year

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