Honeywell launched the latest remote collaboration

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Honeywell launched the latest remote collaboration, optimization and operation solutions

Honeywell's latest remote solutions help enterprises achieve real business transformation

China, Beijing, August 22, 2011 Honeywell (nyse:hon) today released its latest remote collaboration, optimization and operation solutions to help users share technology between remote production facilities and improve the safety of operations in high-risk environments. Experts from around the world Material suppliers and medical device manufacturers introduce new technologies and practical solutions, while optimizing production and improving performance

in industries such as oil and gas upstream exploitation and mining, many production facilities are generally widely distributed in the region. And the production environment is quite dangerous. It is extremely difficult and important to ensure the safety of factory personnel and production assets, and to share valuable information and best production practices. In addition, remote facilities often operate independently, making it more difficult for them to share practical experience and achieve the best output across the production network

the latest solution of Honeywell process control department allows industrial organizations to supervise the operation of multiple facilities at any place under the same network, so that the staff at each point can better cooperate with the optimization of the whole industrial process. All stations can be connected to each other. Whether through the central facility or the network interconnection cooperation center, it can provide real-time cooperation, quickly respond to challenges, improve the production efficiency in the whole life cycle, or when there are three specimens with brittle fracture and output

Ian Brown, vice president and general manager of Honeywell high technology solutions, said: with the continuous expansion of enterprises, in the face of growing production demand, how to work effectively in different sites is particularly important. Honeywell process control has worked with many top customers to implement the solution, including the world's largest copper producer, a leading supplier of crude oil and natural gas in the North Sea, a major global primary and synthetic aluminum manufacturer, and a global industrial gas production company. Through the application of this solution, the output of these companies has been greatly improved, the investment cost has been reduced, and the profit value has been greatly increased, so that operators can make decisions faster and more accurately, and at the same time, energy consumption can be greatly reduced

in addition to providing advanced technology and implementation services, Honeywell's process control department also adopts a global partner network to provide its users with a series of services, including change management consulting, business process management consulting, telecommunications support and the design of cooperative facilities. Advanced expert negotiation, manufacturer neutral integration ability, Honeywell process is very active, and the rich product and service experience of the control department can better meet the various needs of customers to realize enterprise reform and development

Brown also said that the new remote collaboration, optimization and operation solution of Honeywell process control department can not only meet this demand, but also improve the safety of employees in dangerous environments. Because they can learn from the experience of colleagues, even colleagues who are not in the same position. This solution has not only been listed in the Ministry of science and technology ldquo; 1035 rdquo; The key research plan is dedicated to the services of companies that want to expand their business regions, while ensuring that they can share knowledge, so as to obtain the R & D designed by companies with long-term and more efficient development

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