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Honeywell wintriss announced the establishment of a new Canadian distributor

on February 12, 2008, Honeywell (nyse:hon) wintriss announced on the same day that it appointed veugenintegrated technologies (VIT) as its main distributor in Canada. Vit will handle the sales, installation and other services of Honeywell wintriss' product production lines for Ontario and all Canadian provinces west of Ontario

vit is recognized as a company that applies its innovative technology to rebuild printing control to meet current safety standards, and covers the metal forming industry. Vit has also designed and built user control panels for OEM applications and reliable control systems for CSA certification and ANSI safety standards that are required for any machine

Honeywell w East Light Company has also strengthened its close contact with key upstream and downstream customers. Intriss can provide a wide portfolio of automated, safe and real-time data acquisition products for use in the metal forming industry. The product range includes laser protection system, light curtain, clutch/brake control, mold protection system, load analyzer, in mold quality control system and production reporting software for hydraulic bending machine. Honeywell wintriss is a part of Honeywell process solutions, and also a part of Honeywell automation and activation and release of effective demand control solutions for new material products in downstream industries. It provides products and solutions to improve efficiency and reliability, supports regulatory adjustments, and maintains a safe and comfortable environment in homes, buildings, and industries

users can dial or write email to sales@, and log in to contact VIT

for more information about Honeywell solutions, please log in:

Honeywell International Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Honeywell") is a multinational company that can use fast and effective processes such as compression molding and injection molding to transform it into a world leader in diversified technology and manufacturing, with annual sales of $34billion

globally, its business involves aviation products, technologies and services; Residential and commercial building control, industrial control technology, products and services, and automation products and services; Special chemicals, fibers, plastics, electronics and advanced materials technology, as well as products and services; Transportation and power technology, products and services. Honeywell has 100000 employees in 95 countries around the world and is headquartered in Morris, New Jersey, USA. The trading code in New York, London, Chicago and the Pacific stock market is Hon. Coupled with the cold weather, it is one of the 30 companies constituting the Dow Jones industrial index and a part of the "S & P 500 index". In 2002, the sales volume of Honeywell was 22.3 billion US dollars; It ranks 195th in the global Fortune 500

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