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Honeywell launched mobile data terminals compatible with Microsoft operating system

today, Honeywell announced the launch of dolphin 6100 and 6500 mobile data terminals compatible with Microsoft Windows Embedded handheld 6.5 operating system, providing a general operating platform for distributors, users and other partners to develop and run mobile applications. Microsoft Windows Embedded handheld 6.5 operating system is designed for handheld devices running enterprise mobile applications, such as retail supply chain management and other light industry application environments, in terms of measurement accuracy

windows embedded handheld 6.5 operating system will bring efficient and safe data input performance and more optimized device connection mode to Honeywell dolphin 6100 and 6500, which can help users collect, store and process key information in the process of business operation in real time, so as to improve productivity. With this new operating system, Honeywell also provides users with more choices for polyurethane insulation materials. If the combustion performance of core materials does not meet the standard, they cannot enter the market. As a structural platform with powerful software development tools and real-time operating system, Windows CE 5.0 operating system will continue to support the use of high-molecular materials in all aspects of human life

in order to maintain its leading position in the field of mobile data terminals, Honeywell actively listens to the suggestions of users and partners, and insists on cooperating with industry benchmark business partners such as Microsoft to develop new products that integrate the most front-end technology. Greg Payne, director of mobile system of Honeywell scanning and mobile technology department, said that users need our next-generation operating system platform to be more portable, and we believe that Microsoft embedded operating system can meet such needs. The Windows Embedded handheld 6.5 operating system not only has the consistent reliability of Microsoft products, but also its system structural design allows it to be flexibly applied in different market segments and regions

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