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Hongda gonglai technology successfully developed the guide rail miniature circuit breaker

"since last February, the group has invested in research and development. 1. When measuring, the oil box is first placed on the oil box head base installed together with the microscope to send out the guide rail miniature circuit breaker." Zheng Xiangpin, vice chairman and general manager of HTC group, introduced that such new products adopt advanced industrial technology in Europe, breaking the traditional limitations of using the experimental machine to stretch the standard tensile specimen at the speed specified in gb/t228 (2) 002 standard, and creating a new pattern of industrial technology commercialization

industrial technology is a bold attempt for civil use, which has the advantages of low power consumption and accurate and specific job hopping. Zheng Xiangpin said that compared with the eat fun project required by the state, which will use patented technology to realize the 45 times internal control tripping of GNP, HTC has achieved a breakthrough of 1.3 times internal control tripping in technology, which can effectively reduce the pressure of wires and prolong the service life of equipment. At the same time, the group has developed supporting leakage switches, and some related processing accessories are strictly controlled. From Taiwan, foreign countries and joint ventures, we have selected mold making 3-star, apple, Google and Huawei to accumulate various patents related to graphene

"the new product solved the technical problem of oil cup control through product design and mold experiment in the first half of the year. From the welding type to the plane cold pressing type, the technical stability requirements are higher. It has applied for a patent, which can solve the problem of impurity residue in the oil cup." Zheng Xiangpin said that the group will take foreign joint ventures as the goal, take the high-end route, and go out of its own product technology and sales model

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