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Honeywell will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with Lanzhou in related fields such as energy conservation and automatic control

Lanzhou, July 13, 2011/AP Asia/-- Honeywell (NYSE Code: HON) environmental control department signed an energy-saving strategic cooperation framework agreement with Lanzhou industry and Information Technology Commission at the 17th Lanzhou investment and trade fair to promote Lanzhou to create environmental protection, low-carbon Energy saving and emission reduction environment

according to the agreement, Honeywell will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with Lanzhou in related fields such as energy conservation and automatic control, and use advanced scientific and technological means to promote the exchange of overall stability management concepts, energy-saving ideas and new energy-saving application technologies, so as to help Lanzhou energy users reduce operating costs and achieve high efficiency and energy conservation. The cooperation between the two sides includes: mutual invitation to participate in scientific research and development, construction and technological transformation in relevant cooperation fields; Honeywell provides energy-saving control technical services and support in the production process, asset management and other fields to industrial enterprises affiliated to Lanzhou; Provide relevant technical support and services in the field of environmental energy consumption control, and give technical training to local technicians on relevant products; Lanzhou industry and Information Technology Commission makes full use of the platform built by both sides to explore and carry out the promotion and application of energy conservation and environmental protection projects in the region

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Lanzhou will vigorously develop low-carbon economy and circular economy, and put forward the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of industrial added value by 18%. The existing industrial structure of Lanzhou is dominated by high energy consuming enterprises, which have an urgent need for low-carbon, emission reduction and energy conservation

"Honeywell has profound global experience in energy efficiency, and more than half of its product portfolio is related to energy conservation. We are very happy to reach a strategic cooperation intention with Lanzhou on energy conservation and environmental protection, and hope to apply international and domestic advanced technologies and energy-saving solutions to the low-carbon and environmental protection journey of Lanzhou through exchanges and cooperation," said Yang Xiaoyuan, Asia Pacific Business Director of combustion products of Honeywell environmental control department (Michael yo also set up utilization technology research centers and industrialization centers ung in Shanghai and Huaibei)

relevant leaders of Lanzhou municipal Party committee, Lanzhou Municipal People's Congress, Lanzhou municipal government and Lanzhou CPPCC attended the signing ceremony and had in-depth exchanges on strategic cooperation with Honeywell's Department of environmental control. Niu Xiangdong, vice mayor of Lanzhou, said, "During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Lanzhou will vigorously develop low-carbon economy and circular economy, focusing on the development of petrochemical, non-ferrous metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, energy and new energy, strategic emerging industries and other fields, and build a modern industrial structure. Honeywell's rich experience in energy efficiency is consistent with Lanzhou's development strategy, which lays a good foundation for deepening cooperation and exchange between the two sides. It is hoped that Lanzhou can make progress in the fine refining of petrochemical products, specialty chemistry Expand cooperation with Honeywell in electronics, plastics, fibers, advanced materials and energy-saving services to achieve win-win results. "

at the same time of signing the contract, Honeywell held a special promotion meeting for new energy-saving technologies. From the four aspects of solar energy, LED lighting, combustion control and building automation control, it made a targeted analysis on the problems of insufficient power resources, dense heavy industry and high energy consumption of commercial buildings in the business center in Lanzhou, and introduced successful cases, which attracted the attention of many local enterprises

Honeywell has deep and extensive experience in energy efficiency, providing control systems for 150million households, 10million buildings and thousands of industrial plants around the world. As an expert in civil healthy home solutions, commercial building systems and industrial combustion control industry, Honeywell's environmental control department continues to help residential, commercial and industrial facilities improve energy efficiency through technology and product innovation. Its specific products include integrated building intelligent control and management system, heating and heating process control system, ventilation control system, cooling and refrigeration control equipment and systems Boiler and burner control, according to Dr. Feng Xiaohai, gas purification and filtration, regional temperature and humidity control system, water treatment and control, electronic equipment and systems (switches, sockets), lighting equipment and electronic universal experimental machine calibration methods, sensors and controllers, etc

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