Titanium dioxide concept stocks soar after the hot

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Giant production reduction titanium dioxide concept stocks soared

giant production reduction titanium dioxide concept stocks soared

December 25, 2015

[China paint information] this week, global titanium dioxide giants huntsman and tenor announced an increase in the price of titanium dioxide. Since January 1, 2016, the price of titanium dioxide worldwide has increased, ranging from $150 to $160 per ton, about 5%. Last week, another international giant, Komo (formerly DuPont), also raised the price of titanium dioxide by $150/ton

a survey of the local market in Guangzhou found that the spot varieties of titanium dioxide used in coatings and plastics increased by 1% to 3% within half a year

Chen Lang, general manager of Guangdong bright Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said that the price rise of titanium dioxide was mainly due to the continuous closure of large titanium dioxide processing plants by international giants due to strategic adjustments, resulting in a reduction in global titanium dioxide supply

in view of the "outshining" price rise in the titanium dioxide market, the recent strength of titanium dioxide concept stocks is also reasonable. Among the A-share listed companies, Bailian, anada, Jinpu titanium, Zhonghe titanium dioxide, etc. have a large share of titanium dioxide production business. For example, Jinpu titanium industry is expected to increase its net profit by 259.73% to 283.72% in 2015 due to the warmer demand of its main business; Moreover, the company claims that: a sold out titanium dioxide project has been completed; The gross profit margin of the company increased by 3.68%

however, analysts at CIC securities believe that the rise in the price of titanium dioxide is just a reason for speculation about the impact of wood flour on the mechanical properties of products in the short term. The soaring share prices of similar enterprises are more closely related to their respective asset changes and business innovation "stories": for example, Jinpu titanium plans to increase by 4billion yuan to enter Internet finance; Bailian plans to spend 9billion yuan to acquire Sichuan longmang, opening the prelude to industry integration. Therefore, titanium dioxide listed companies with steady performance growth deserve attention. If there is the expectation of restructuring and innovation, the short-term and middle line investment value of the stock price will be higher

Pearl River Delta

the demand of the chemical industry has warmed up

Guangzhou investigated a number of light industry and chemical enterprises in the Pearl River Delta and learned that at the end of the year, due to strong consumption, the demand for chemical products did increase significantly; Due to the production reduction or vacation of some enterprises at the end of the year, the supply of the global chemical market at the end of the year has also been tight, which is the reason for the recent rebound in the price of chemical products, and some institutions speculated on the "cross year" market. The low international oil price shows signs of stabilizing, which also plays a role in the price rebound of the domestic chemical industry sector. It is necessary to apply the large stroke tensile testing machine

what is titanium dioxide

the main component of titanium dioxide is titanium dioxide (TiO2). The main application fields of titanium dioxide are coatings, plastics, inks, papermaking and cosmetics, of which coatings account for 60% and plastics account for 20%, which are its main uses. Titanium dioxide is not only used as a colorant in the rubber industry, but also has the functions of reinforcement, anti-aging and filling. It is an important raw chemical product, covering the fields of general plastics, engineering plastics and special engineering plastics

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