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Share innovative technologies with partners to win the future of China's smart architecture and smart retail

in the face of the booming digital economy, China's construction industry is facing challenges from energy efficiency, safety, intelligence, interconnection of all things and other aspects. Following the market development trend, Honeywell is meeting people's growing needs through IOT technology and big data analysis, leading the interconnection trend of smart buildings, so as to promote the development of smart building industry in the direction of green, safe and efficient, and comprehensively help customers cope with difficult challenges. The new business insight solution (BIS) and face recognition solution when the length of the steel hammer is less than 250mm are just another achievement of Honeywell in building the core competitiveness of Internet software and services in the field of smart building and smart retail in China

business insight solutions

in the new retail era, digital transformation is the core element to promote the reform of the retail industry. In order to better understand customers' wishes, artificial intelligence, big data and predictive analysis are increasingly used by retailers. Through computer vision, cloud technology and professional consulting services, Honeywell business insight solutions capture and analyze the data transformation of people, goods and stores in retail facilities, help retailers and shopping centers adjust store operations, evaluate marketing effects, and gain insight into customer wishes, so as to effectively improve the operation efficiency of retail facilities and customer experience, and enable digital new retail with artificial intelligence

face recognition solutions

in the era of rapid development of face recognition technology, people have doubts and vigilance about privacy protection and recognition success rate. Based on the industry-leading intelligent analysis and recognition algorithm and imaging technology, Honeywell face recognition solution, which covers video monitoring and access control recognition systems, has simple and convenient identity recognition, strict and efficient authentication mechanism, and unique and unique biometrics, helping to comprehensively improve the comprehensive security management of smart buildings and achieve effective protection of higher security levels

nowadays, the interconnection of everything and the combination of software and hardware are the general trend, bringing unprecedented innovation opportunities for all walks of life with the development of electronic skills. The two innovative Internet solutions we released at the dealer conference fully demonstrate the trend that Honeywell is accelerating its transformation to digital in the field of smart building and smart retail in China. Li Ye, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Intelligent Building Technology Group in Greater China, said: Honeywell has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for decades and has accumulated rich experience in intelligent operation management and service. In the future, we will further integrate leading industry knowledge and advanced software capabilities, create a smart building ecosystem, and work together with partners to create a better future

at present, Honeywell's leading intelligent building solutions have served more than 600 hotels, more than 150 subways, more than 60 airports, and more than 1000 hospitals in China, and have become an integral part of the development of intelligent buildings in China. Adhering to the concept of "future, we come", Honeywell will mainly implement a series of instructions for the above four parts in the microcomputer control system to control the equipment. In the new year, it will continue to strengthen its data analysis ability, help China cope with the challenges of digital transformation, and work with all walks of life to create a better future with interconnected things, smarter, safer and more sustainable development

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