Hongbo Xintong signed a contract with Guorong secu

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Hongbo Xintong signed a contract with Guorong securities. Introduction to Guorong Securities:

as early as 1960, aluminum engines were introduced in Guorong Securities Co., Ltd. (formerly nisin Securities Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Guorong securities) is a comprehensive securities company approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Founded in April, 2002, the company also has components for installing load sensors and clamping test pieces on the beam, with a registered capital of 1.212 billion yuan. The main shareholders of the company include Beijing Chang'an Investment Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Rixin guaranteed investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and other domestic well-known large and medium-sized enterprises

build IP network communication between group branches

communication between the company and the outside, and between branches

a provide independent switchboard services for multiple branches, and each branch company's welcome message and voice navigation process are customized

b all branches are connected to local operator lines respectively

direct dialing and meetings between institutions of company C

d become an office terminal after installing app; Two modes are supported: 1) transfer when the landline is not answered; 2) It vibrates with the local machine

e multiple terminals can log in at the same time, that is, an extension account can be registered on both the IP phone and the app at the same time, which is fashionable, outgoing and different. In this way, it can be connected by the IP phone at the station and the app outside, which makes remote office more convenient and faster

official fee

a any part of the machine dials the external line, all of which use the company's line to be unified out, and the company will bear the cost. The company's switchboard number is displayed, and individuals do not need to bear the call fee; The customer can transfer the call back from the switchboard to the extension to the designated extension

0 call fee between the institutions of company B

c system has its own meeting room function, and the company's internal extension is free to participate in the meeting, without time and place restrictions

management statistics

a recording: recording on demand, you can specify all or the extension recording, you can listen to it, you can download and save it; To avoid flying out of the sample and hurting people

b detailed call list: accurately count the call charges of each extension on the current day and the current month, so as to facilitate internal independent accounting

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