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Meineng joined the board of directors of the global network storage industry association. It is a pioneer in the market of full flash nvme and persistent memory support servers and storage. It has brought SNIA rich experience in system level design and development

enterprise computing Super micro computer, Inc. (nasdaq: SMCI), the global leader in storage and networking solutions and green computing technology, announced that it would join the board of directors of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and become a new voting member

as a leading storage technology provider in the industry, Meineng has long been committed to innovating its product portfolio and storage solutions to provide customers with the best products and experiences. As modern data centers attach importance to big data and artificial intelligence solutions, the value and importance of high-quality storage network support have also been enhanced. Joining the SNI project investor to introduce a as a voting member will increase the influence of Meineng in the industry, so that it can be applied at the rate of 0.5mm/min with other torques in the field; Pull is a constant value. Important market participants cooperate to ultimately improve the standards of the storage market. Meineng will also bring more perspectives to SNIA's standard development in the fields of flash memory, persistent memory, shape factor, storage management and cloud storage

david Dale, chairman of the board of directors of SNIA, said: in the past few years, original equipment manufacturers such as Meineng have become an increasingly important and influential part of the ecosystem of computer and storage suppliers. We are very pleased to welcome Meineng to join the SNIA leadership. In our view, this highlights the relevance of SNIA's agenda to the changing storage industry ecosystem

Meineng has been committed to innovative storage solutions for many years. SNIA is exploring ways to accelerate the testing and verification of new technologies and industry standards. These efforts will explore how to better support, implement and promote new and innovative storage technologies at a faster speed, and enable leading cloud service providers (as well as ultra large scale storage service providers) to work with the storage industry in this regard

tau Leng, senior vice president of American ultramicro Technology Department, said: American ultramicro has always been the first developer of servers and storage systems to be launched. We are one of the pioneers in system implementation, and support full flash nvme and persistent memory technology. This system level design and development experience is crucial to the continuous enhancement of storage technology. SNIA is the world leader in developing and promoting vendor neutral architectures, standards and education services. Meineng will now work with other industry leaders of SNIA to promote technology and industry development

tau Leng, senior vice president of us ultra micro technology department, will join the SNIA board of directors. Leng has 25 years of industry experience and manages engineering, marketing, product management and testing teams in the United States. He joined a storage technology elite team to promote the open storage network solutions to enter a wider market by providing innovative standards, supplier neutral education and services, so as to promote the realization of SNIA's mission

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nasdaq: SMCI, a leading high-performance and high-efficiency server technology innovation enterprise, is an advanced server building block solutions for data centers, cloud computing, enterprise it, hadoop/big data, high-performance computing and embedded systems? The world's leading supplier. Meineng is committed to achieving its goal of "we keep it green? Plan to protect the environment and provide customers with the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions on the market. Supermicro, building block solutions and we keep it green is a trademark and/or registered trademark of Meichao microcomputer Co., Ltd. with the development of society. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other brands, names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners

snia introduction

the global network storage industry association is a non-profit global organization composed of member companies across the global storage market. SNIA's mission is to lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting standards, technology, and educational services that enable organizations to manage information. To this end, SNIA is particularly committed to providing standards, education and services, and promoting open storage network solutions to enter a broader market

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