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The joint laboratory jointly built by Wazhou group and British Thaler Hopson company was officially unveiled at the national large bearing engineering technology research center of Wazhou group on the morning of January 11, The project will provide strong testing guarantee and technical drive for the bearing group and the R & D of high-end bearings in China's bearing industry

Thaler Hopson Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of global precision testing, and has participated in the formulation of a number of international bearing testing standards. This is the first time that Thaler Hopson has cooperated with a Chinese bearing enterprise. This time, it has chosen to cooperate with the bearing group, which also marks that the detection and experiment level of the bearing group has begun to enter the international advanced ranks. It is reported that the two sides have cooperated to build a research and development platform to jointly carry out the promotion, application and exchange training of precision measurement technology in the bearing field, the geometric accuracy measurement of precision parts, the research and development of precision measurement technology and new instruments, and the development of precision measurement application software, so as to improve the product detection level of the bearing group with advanced detection technology and equipment

as a leading enterprise in China's bearing industry, Wazhou group has continuously improved its technological innovation system in recent years, and built an interconnected R & D system at home and abroad with the national large-scale bearing engineering technology research center of Wazhou group as the main body and the European R & D center and the American Engineering Center of Wazhou as the support. Meng Wei, chairman of the bearing group, said that while providing technical support for the R & D and manufacturing of high-end bearings, the joint laboratory should also become a service base for China's bearing industry, realize the sharing of high-end resources such as precision measuring instruments and technologies, drive the overall progress of China's bearing industry and contribute to the revitalization of national industry

Neil B Curtis, general manager of Thaler Hopson Co., Ltd., said that he hoped to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises of both sides through the cooperation platform of both sides and jointly provide services to more customers. (fiber reinforced materials have expanded the use of thermoplastics to the field of semi-structural utilization. This article comes from the tile shaft)

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