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Nine Russian industry media interviewed Valin

nine Russian industry media interviewed Valin Jinru psf/pbt, psf/abs and psf+ mineral powder store

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Guide: from February 28 to 29, nine Russian industry media and a delegation of 10 people visited. Liuhanru, chairman of the group company, led him to visit the major production workshops of Valin and test drive Valin cars to experience the driving quality of Valin cars. Russian media said that Valin cars are very beautiful and powerful. February 28

from February 28 to 29, a delegation of ten people from nine Russian industry media visited. Liuhanru, chairman of the group company, led him to visit the major production workshops of Valin and test drive Valin automobile to experience the driving quality of Valin automobile. Russian media said that "Valin automobile is very beautiful and powerful"

on the afternoon of February 28, chairman liuhanru led Russia to visit Valin. However, some customers need general testing, stamping, welding and coating, as well as the 50000 heavy trucks per shift in Valin's south district. According to general manager Liu, the production line of the South District's general assembly workshop was put into operation on August 30, 2011. After all the four processes were completed and put into operation, It will become a common reducer in China, and there will be several pairs of gears with the same principle to achieve the ideal deceleration effect. It is a world-class heavy truck production base

29 in the morning, after more than two hours of test drive, in the conference room on the fourth floor of zhonghualing in the market environment of redundant industrial structural capacity and general decline in aluminum processing fees, Russian representative Valery Vasiliev and chairman liuhanru shared his test drive experience: "this is a pleasant test drive experience. The cab environment is good, the appearance is very beautiful, and the power system is also very good". Then, After summarizing the accompanying questions, he said: "we want to know the production structure and production plan of Valin heavy truck." "In the production volume of the group, 30% are mixer trucks, 30% are tractor trucks and 40% are dump trucks. If all the projects under construction are put into operation, the annual output will reach 150000," replied Liu. "The Valin production line is equipped with the most advanced process equipment in China, and the quality is beyond doubt."

Valin's models exported to Russia are mainly Valin heavy truck European flat top cars. Russia was impressed by the test drive of xingkaima, and praised the handling performance of this car at the symposium. Liuhanru, chairman of the board of directors, said: "xingkaima is the most competitive. It just got the EU certification last year. Its safety, reliability, comfort and power have reached the international level. I believe it will be welcomed by truck users in Russia."

then Valeri Vasiliev asked: "what is the export volume plan of Valin heavy trucks to Russia in 2012?" Chairman liuhanru replied humorously, "it depends on your appetite for the Russian market."

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