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Recently, the fourth China energy industry conference worth mentioning is the source logistics industry conference and the inaugural meeting of the energy and material industry alliance of China Transportation Association held in Beijing. Wangderong, executive vice president of the China Communications and Transportation Association, fuxuanyi, deputy director of the State Railway Administration, yangruyi, Secretary General of the China Communications and Transportation Association, liangzhishi, Deputy Secretary General of the China coal transportation and Marketing Association, and representatives of enterprises from across the country in energy, logistics, transportation, vehicle manufacturing, parts and components, etc. 300 enterprises that need electromagnetic shielding include the use of battery packs. The meeting discussed the development trend of China's coal logistics industry and the development trend of China's international LNG logistics industry, and announced the official establishment of the energy logistics industry alliance of China Communications and Transportation Association

in recent years, United truck, which focuses on the medium and high-end heavy truck market, has won another award. Its K-gold version of United truck tractor, which was listed in 2013, has been selected as the "best technical equipment Award for green transportation of China's energy logistics" by the organizing committee

since 2011, natural gas heavy trucks have taken the place of diesel heavy trucks and become the new favorite of the market. Gas filling stations have sprung up all over the country in just a few years. In april2013, United truck launched the K-gold version of the first 13 liter LNG heavy truck in China, and won wide recognition in the market in a very short time with its flexible controllability, strong power, super endurance mileage and word-of-mouth service. The no-load height of Zhengda handwheel and nut screw adjustable testing machine is based on the excellent performance of this model. In the second half of 2013, the sales of LNG models of combined trucks showed a blowout growth

at the meeting, chenxianquan, chief engineer of Research Institute of Jirui United Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and project director of ADR products, delivered a keynote speech on behalf of United truck on "energy traction and technology K-gold". Mr. Chen introduced the core competitive advantages of the K-gold version of United truck to many corporate guests from three aspects: the development of natural gas automobile industry, the NGV product scheme of United truck, the value proposition of United truck and user experience

the development of natural gas industry is a strategic direction for the development of clean energy in China. The K-gold version of United truck tractor is equipped with the most mature yc6k13n gas engine in China. It is the gas engine with the largest displacement and torque in China at present. It has the characteristics of low gas consumption, strong power, high reliability, low noise and environmental protection. At the same time, United truck has the best ng industry gene in China, which can provide users with industry solutions integrating station construction, transportation and operation. "At present, United truck is the only heavy truck enterprise that takes LNG as a strategic product and concentrates resources. United truck is determined to become a new standard for green transportation of energy logistics in China," said Mr. Chen

shenyangbo, deputy general manager of Jirui United truck Marketing Service Co., Ltd., received the "China energy logistics green transportation best technology and equipment Award" on behalf of United truck, and had a cordial exchange with President wangderong. President Shen said that "the K-gold version of United truck integrates the high-end technology of United truck, which is a perfect supplement to the existing product lines and development strategies of United truck. The advent of the K-gold version has established the leading position of United truck in China's high-end LNG market at one fell swoop, and also reflects the strong sense of United truck to improve the level of China's heavy truck industry." Representatives of many enterprises, including COSCO, ENN energy and Voith, expressed their willingness for in-depth cooperation to President Shen. It is reported that COSCO has submitted an order for 500 United trucks at the beginning of this year

the rumored case that Chery withdrew its shares of United truck some time ago has been proved to be a misunderstanding, while the case that CIMC will inject capital again has been confirmed, and United truck has entered the "fast lane" of rapid development. The strong power and high safety PAN based carbon fiber composites (molded products) of the K-gold version of the United truck have set a quality benchmark for the development of domestic LNG heavy trucks according to the different types of resins added (thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin), high energy saving and high load-carrying capacity. The integrated solutions provided by the United truck for LNG heavy truck users play an exemplary role in the heavy truck manufacturing enterprises' bravery in the society. Guided by the development strategy of United truck focusing on the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service business of high-quality heavy trucks, the K-gold version of United truck was well deserved to be elected as the "best technical equipment Award for green transportation of China's energy logistics"

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