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Aveva Jianwei software and osisoft jointly released the potential of data to improve the performance of industrial enterprises

the two industrial software market leaders launched performance intelligence and established their leading positions in the field of industrial software and data

London, UK and California, USA. on March 22, 2021, aveva Jianwei software, the global leader of industrial software, and osisoft jointly met the growing information management needs of industrial enterprises, Accelerate its digital transformation. Osisoft's first-class data management software will be combined with aveva Jianwei software's leading industrial software solutions to unleash the potential of performance intelligence

craig Hayman, CEO of aveva Jianwei software

smart performance combines human insight with information technology and artificial intelligence by 2050 to improve the agility and flexibility of enterprise operations, help them make accurate decisions faster, and help the industry achieve sustainable development. Therefore, by combining the credibility of osisoft's PI system with the leading industrial software of aveva Jianwei software, smart performance will provide enterprises with rich and reliable key process data to help them better evaluate and understand the operation covering the whole life cycle. Smart performance will have a significant impact on enterprise productivity, operational agility and sustainability

dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, founder of osisoft and honorary chairman of aveva Jianwei software

the global big data and analysis market is growing exponentially, and its value is expected to reach US $274billion by 2022. To maintain a leading position, enterprises need a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of their industrial information in order to make effective use of this data. By realizing industrial information insight from the edge to the enterprise, enterprises will reduce downtime, production costs and energy consumption, so as to optimize resources and promote sustainable development. The integration of the software solutions of the two companies will help more than 20000 customers worldwide to promote digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, and empower the industry, enterprises and employees

craig Hayman, CEO of aveva Jianwei software, said: we will jointly redefine the value of industrial software. Through smart performance, we can boldly look at the data world from a new perspective and deepen our understanding of the complex value chain, so as to improve performance and promote sustainable development. The combined aveva Jianwei software and osisoft will help our customers manage complex industries more effectively. The expanded series of solutions of aveva Jianwei software will continue to improve operational agility and help customers turn opportunities into business value

phil Aiken am, chairman of aveva Jianwei software group, commented that aveva Jianwei software has achieved sustained performance growth, which has laid a foundation for the acquisition of market leaders such as osisoft. The integrated series of solutions and new functions will help aveva Jianwei software achieve its long-term strategic goals. We will accelerate the growth and continue to help customers complete the digital transformation, achieve growth in the field of industrial software and information management, and maintain the market leader position

as the main shareholder and strategic alliance of aveva Jianwei software, Schneider Electric has always supported the development of aveva Jianwei software. Zhaoguohua, President and CEO of Schneider Electric, said: the combination of aveva Jianwei software and osisoft has created a leader in the field of industrial software and data. Through the expanded ecosystem and a broader and deeper series of solutions, aveva Jianwei software will help industrial enterprises improve efficiency and accelerate their digital transformation. We support aveva Jianwei software to cooperate with customers and partners to provide industry integrated solutions to help customers improve performance and operational agility

we are full of respect for the innovation of our customers. They have made contributions to the lack of formal polyurea technology training for technicians, constructors and supervisors in the normal operation of many polyurea projects in all sectors of society, and use our technology in daily operation to improve performance, protect health and safety, so as to promote the smooth operation of the world. At the same time, our customers also encourage us to cooperate with aveva Jianwei software to expand our business areas and bring higher value to our customers. Said J. Patrick Kennedy, founder of osisoft

this acquisition is an important milestone for aveva Jianwei software, which enables our team to integrate Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy's development of bonded aviation logistics; Explore the establishment of a general aviation industry comprehensive experimental zone in Hainan, and integrate rich leadership experience and professional knowledge in related fields. We are honored to join hands with Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, the new honorary chairman. We can say with full confidence that after the launch of smart performance, aveva Jianwei software will become a leader in the field of industrial software and data, which also indicates that the industrial software market will open an exciting new chapter. Craig Hayman, CEO of aveva Jianwei software, concluded

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