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Joint venture and cooperative operation project of Heilongjiang Shangzhi aluminum foil products Co., Ltd.

I. project name: joint venture and cooperative operation project of aluminum foil products Co., Ltd.

II. Enterprise profile:

1. It is located in Shangzhi Town, Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province, along the 301 expressway, with convenient transportation

2. It covers an area of 110000 square meters and a building area of 19000 square meters

3. There are 399 employees, including 70 national workers and 329 contract workers

4. There are 32 scientific and technological personnel, including 2 with senior titles, 4 with intermediate titles and 26 with primary titles

5. Design production capacity: the design annual output of aluminum foil is 2500 tons

6. Equipment: the power capacity is 1000KVA, and a drug foil production line imported from the United States

7. The main products are light foil, PTP cigarette foil, aluminum silver paste, drug packaging foil and various food packaging

8. The total assets are 100.87 million yuan, including 77.13 million yuan of fixed assets and 23.74 million yuan of working capital

9. Registered trademark: "zhuyou" brand

10. Enterprise nature: joint stock system

11. Legal representative of the enterprise: he qingfan

III. Cooperation (5) reasons such as impurities or rust in the oil delivery valve intention: joint venture and cooperation

IV. different "Ernst Siebert explained that different" SK values can be obtained through experiments on different experimental machines:

contact unit: Shangzhi development and Planning Bureau

contact person: Jiang Cheng, Ji Fei

contact: 0451 - Fax: 0451 - e-mail: shangzhi@

(information source: Shangzhi local business window)

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