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The joint training center of force control technology and Henan Polytechnic opened on the morning of October 30, 2009, the joint training center jointly built by Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd. and Henan Polytechnic, a National Model Higher Vocational College, was officially unveiled. Beijing Sanwei Technology Co., Ltd. provides Henan Industrial Vocational and technical college with the latest version of "forcecontrol6.1" general configuration software, as well as supporting learning books, industrial cases and other related teaching resources. The joint laboratory will become the Nanyang special training center established in Nanyang for the latest technology and future prospect technology of force control, which fully demonstrates the determination of force control technology to pay attention to the cultivation of professional talents. The University attached great importance to this cooperation. Hanquanli, the leader of the national teaching team, director of the Department of mechanical and electrical engineering, Qin, director of the Department of mechanical and electrical engineering, Bai, director of the school office, and representatives of the Zhengzhou Office of force control technology attended the unveiling ceremony

Henan Institute of industry and technology is an ordinary university under the people's Government of Henan Province and under the supervision of Henan Provincial Commission of national defense science, technology and industry. Since its establishment, the college has been subordinate to the fifth Ministry of machinery industry, the Ministry of ordnance industry, the machinery industry committee, the Ministry of machinery and electronics industry, the Ordnance Industry Corporation and the people's Government of Henan Province. The college has always adhered to the purpose of basing itself on the military industry and serving the society. At present, it is the only higher vocational and technical college in the national defense science, technology and industry system of Henan Province and the construction unit of the vocational education training base of the Commission of science, technology and Industry for national defense. Adhering to the principle of "based on Henan, facing the whole country, relying on military industry and serving the society", the college not only provides high skilled talents for the development of national defense science, technology and industry in Henan Province, but also improves the social popularity and reputation of the college by serving local economic construction

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director Han said that he welcomed this mode of joint construction between schools and enterprises, sincerely wished the cooperation a complete success, and hoped that the cooperation between schools and enterprises would develop further in the future, not only to cultivate students who can skillfully use force control software for force control enterprises, but also to meet students' needs for learning configuration software and improve students' ability to adapt to the market. At the same time, the university will continue to pay attention to and support the development of force control software, and strive to push the cooperation to a higher level. The joint laboratory jointly built by the two sides can provide a real engineering practice environment for students who will invest more than US $30 million to build factories and purchase equipment. Students can not only systematically understand the knowledge of configuration software, but also master the force control configuration software, and use the force control software to physically connect with the existing equipment of the school, so as to build an automation system suitable for the industrial site and improve the automation level of the system, Deepen students' understanding of the high-end automation field, improve students' professional theoretical level and practical ability, shorten the adaptation time on the job, and lay a solid foundation for the practical application of the project in the future

combining the talents and environmental resources of colleges and universities, realizing the promotion and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivating scientific and technological professionals for the society, and realizing the development of enterprises themselves are the purpose of joint construction of science and technology schools and enterprises. The signing of the joint construction agreement with Henan Polytechnic is a major measure to enhance students' quality education and develop a new school enterprise cooperation mode combining production, learning and research in the field of higher vocational education. It is another successful implementation after the joint construction between Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd. and more than 80 universities and enterprises in the field of wind energy

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