Joint initiative of 15 backbone coating enterprise

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Joint initiative of 15 backbone coating enterprises in Jiangsu Province

joint initiative of 15 backbone coating enterprises in Jiangsu Province

November 29, 2012

[China coating information] eliminate pollution sources and contribute to the construction of "beautiful China"

as "beautiful China" has become one of the 18 hot words, the Jiangsu coating industry has made a rapid response. Last week, Jiangsu Coating Industry Association held an economic exchange meeting for coating enterprises in Jiangsu Province in Zhenjiang, including the main principals of 15 key enterprises such as Jiangsu Changjiang coating Co., Ltd. at the meeting, they issued an initiative to build a "beautiful China" to their coating counterparts across the country, and proposed that coating enterprises should speed up the adjustment of product structure, implement the clean factory plan, actively promote care, and start from me, Be an active builder and promoter of "beautiful China" and make new contributions to ecological civilization

as one of the three major domestic coating sectors, the Yangtze River Delta region has become the largest coating consumption and production center in China and plays an important role in the national coating industry. Among them, the paint output of Jiangsu Province has long been ranked among the top three in China, and Changzhou has just been named "hometown of Chinese paint" by China Paint Industry Association. At the exchange meeting, when the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the topic of vigorously promoting the construction of ecological civilization in the next five years in an independent chapter system, people in the paint industry in Jiangsu deeply felt the great burden on their shoulders. They discussed how to develop a low-carbon economy and improve the overall level of the industry

zhangweizhong, President of Jiangsu Coating Association, said that in promoting the construction of ecological civilization that recognizes the status of entrepreneurs in society, Jiangsu coating enterprises should seize the opportunity, seize the momentum, adhere to the road of low-carbon economy and circular economy, and make a difference in building a "beautiful China" by adjusting the scientific and technological structure, product structure, production structure and management structure

Taking Jiangsu Changjiang coating Co., Ltd. as an example, Zhang Weizhong explained that graphene, which is important for the development of enterprises to conform to the development direction of society and industry, has unique properties. It is also beneficial to small, disordered and poor power battery enterprises that blossom to measure the wear dispersion of friction surfaces. In recent years, focusing on the business strategy of low carbon, environmental protection, high performance and integration, Changjiang coating has used PTA leftovers from large chemical industry to replace phthalic anhydride, and oleic acid made from leftovers from renewable vegetable oil as resin raw material, realizing the extension of industrial chain and the recycling of resources. They also increased the development and production of environment-friendly products such as water-based wood paint, water-based industrial paint and water-based alkyd resin, leading the industry in terms of cleaner production, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise. This year, under the increasing downward pressure of the entire economic environment, the company still maintained a near double-digit growth

"in the next step, Changjiang coatings will adhere to innovation driven development, focus on low VOC waterborne industrial coatings, powder coatings and wind power coatings, and strive to achieve the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, with low-carbon and high-performance products accounting for more than 30% and high-tech products accounting for more than 75%." Zhang Weizhong said

baobaiqing, chairman of Jiangsu Baihe coating Co., Ltd., believes that conscientious implementation of the corporate society should become the foundation of Jiangsu coating enterprises. in recent years. Baihe coating has spared no expense to increase the treatment of waste gas and wastewater, and achieved remarkable results. The special coating industry has formed a unique product advantage, thus expanding a larger development space for itself

Jiangsu Taibai Group Co., Ltd. is an old enterprise with more than 60 years of titanium dioxide production history. When introducing the green development track of the enterprise in recent years, wangjunqiu, general manager of the group, said that the relocation and reconstruction in 2005 had a turning point. Jiangsu Taibai group has achieved obvious economic and environmental benefits through paying close attention to safety and environmental protection, adhering to energy conservation and consumption reduction, and improving post-treatment process. He pointed out that enterprises should unswervingly establish the concept of ecological civilization and achieve sustainable green development

sunjianping, chairman of Wuxi paint factory Co., Ltd., advocated that the future development of Jiangsu coatings should be "resource integration, large-scale production, science and technology sharing, low-carbon and environmental protection", which won the unanimous approval of the participants

in view of the fact that China has reached a new stage of optimizing economic development through environmental protection with the intensification of resource and environmental constraints and the emergence of social contradictions, the 15 coating enterprises that have issued the proposal unanimously said that in the future development of enterprises, they should put safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction first in their development strategies, choose more green raw materials, and adhere to the development of low pollution, water-based, powdered, light cured, high solid Solvent free and other products, completely eliminate pollution sources, contribute to bluer sky, cleaner water, and build the motherland into a "beautiful China"

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