Join hands with Toshiba to go green

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Join hands with Toshiba to go green

the Toshiba product promotion and appreciation meeting entitled "join hands with Toshiba to go green" -- advocating the new concept of environmental protection and energy conservation was held at Sofitel hotel in Jinan. In this promotion conference, Toshiba brought innovative technology products and experiences based on the latest global scientific and technological concepts to users in different industries, and provided solutions covering the fields of home, office and social infrastructure. With the theme of "green, energy saving and environmental protection", Toshiba cooperated with leaders from relevant departments of Shandong Province and Jinan municipal government, as well as leaders from science, technology, architecture, finance More than 300 customers and professionals from many industries such as transportation have conducted extensive and in-depth communication and exchanges

at the conference, Toshiba elaborately arranged three exhibition areas, namely "building facilities", "office digital" and "quality of life", to cooperate with visits and interactive demonstrations, so that guests can observe and experience the charm of Toshiba's latest technology from a zero distance. The specific product series include digital signal transmitter, energy-saving elevator, green air conditioning, lighting and other products in the field of broadcasting and building facilities; There are also LCD TV, notebook computer, DLP large screen, digital color copier, projector, the latest hard disk DV and other digital products with superior performance; In addition, household appliances such as ice washing products, small household appliances and Toshiba self-service tea drinking machine, which first appeared in Quancheng, were also exhibited on the same stage, involving all aspects of people's lives. In particular, the xf300 series REGZA LCD TV equipped with Toshiba's latest technology toured Quancheng for the first time, and its leading "mmetabrainpro100 digital new brain chip" made the images of different scenes more flexible, clearly showing realistic texture. The unique slim color frame design makes its streamlined appearance full of artistic flavor. The appearance of xf300 series with perfect image quality and new artistic impression is particularly eye-catching. Natural rubber, tires and chemical engineering will play a key role in ensuring the stable growth of China's petrochemical industry

the promotion conference also organized Toshiba's innovative technology demonstration and technical seminar, introducing products including environmental protection and energy-saving air conditioners, Toshiba's new generation of energy-saving elevators, large screens, ice washing products, lighting, bar codes/electronic whiteboards, etc. while presenting Toshiba's leading technologies and advanced designs in different fields, the technical consultants of Toshiba's products also exchanged and shared the latest industry trends and technology development trends with the guests present

at the same time, as a branch of the Jinan promotion conference, the national tour of Toshiba products with the theme of "feelqualityfeeltoshiba" also came to Jinan. During the outdoor transportation in Jinan Sanlian, attention should be paid to maintaining the horizontal transportation direction as much as possible. The activity (January 12 - January 13) also played a role of "adding fuel to the flames" for the promotion conference by screwing two M5 screws on the opposite corners

in Shandong, from household appliances to energy equipment, building equipment and office digital facilities, Toshiba has actively participated in the construction and development of Shandong in many fields by virtue of its extensive product line, advanced technology and high-quality services, which has promoted and improved the consumption level and living standard in Shandong. Toshiba's product technology and services have won a high reputation. Toshiba expects to establish a platform for direct communication with users, partners and the public through this promotion meeting, so as to understand the market demand more deeply and accurately, and continuously launch new products and technologies. There are infinite business opportunities in developing Shandong. Toshiba hopes to go hand in hand with Shandong and make efforts for the development of Shandong

has had a profound impact on the design and effectiveness of modern passenger cars

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