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In today's rising housing prices, netizens are most concerned about the word "province". Now let's introduce some of the most awesome strategies for saving money in bathroom decoration, so that you can "save" with confidence and satisfaction

in today's rising housing prices, netizens are most concerned about one “ Province ” Word. Now let's introduce some of the most awesome bathroom decoration strategies to save money, let you “ Province ” Feel relieved and satisfied

I. cost saving strategy for bathroom decoration:

1 Bathroom mirror cabinet into one:

combine the mirror for dressing and the cabinet for storing toiletries into one, which not only saves space, but also saves money

mystery hidden behind the mirror

2 Shower curtain replaces glass shower partition:

glass shower partition costs too much and takes up more space

glass shower partition is more suitable for large houses

shower curtain is cheap and can be changed in different styles in different seasons, so that your bathroom will always glow with new brilliance

the price of the stainless steel bending frame used to hang the shower curtain is about 30 yuan, and the price of the plastic shower curtain is about 20 yuan, and the cost is less than a fraction of the glass shower partition

3. Domestic ceramic tiles are also OK:

the bathroom is relatively private. There is no need to pay too much attention to the wall and floor, and there is no need to choose imported high-grade ceramic tiles

domestic ceramic tiles with tens of yuan per square meter are more than enough

4. New fashion of waterproof paint:

recently, home decorators are keen to use waterproof paint in bathroom to replace expensive ceramic tiles. Is it a little unexpected that the waterproof coating specially used in the bathroom costs only 40 yuan/square meter

5. Split toilet is more durable:

the overall toilet cost is high and the scrap rate is high. It is better to choose a more practical and durable split toilet

6. The volume of hardware is small, and the total price cannot be ignored:

the price of imported hardware such as damping pump, hinge, track and lock is often more than 3 times that of domestic hardware. Although it is small, it is used in a large number, so the total price cannot be ignored. Senior people in the home decoration industry remind that for some concealed projects, there is no need to blindly pursue the best quality. As long as the products meet the quality standards, domestic ones are equally applicable

7. Tiles, waist line and top line can be omitted:

these things only play a decorative role, but they will cost a lot of money. If you don't care much about decoration, you can completely save these fancy places and save a sum of money

8. Shop around for bathroom products:

this applies to all building materials and furniture purchases. Shop around, compare prices, compare quality, and even consider the most popular online shopping and group shopping at present

II. Hire a designer PK to do it yourself diy

suggestions for home decorators: “ The design of home should not blindly seek classics, but pay attention to practicality and applicability. From beginning to end, please master a principle, give priority to yourself. This is your home, and others' opinions are only for reference& rdquo;

1. How to identify excellent design companies:

take a look at the hardware facilities

excellent design companies must first have complete hardware facilities, such as drawing boards, drawing tools, high-performance computers (with good configuration conditions), printers, plotters (which can draw engineering drawings above A3), and scanners

second, look at the soft environment

an excellent design company should have an elegant environment. As a design company, first of all, its own facade design should be in place

three look at the charging methods

different design companies have different charging methods. According to the author, the general design fee is divided into two times. The first time is to pay half when signing the design contract; The second payment is when I first see the first draft of the design




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