8 precautions for decoration should be prepared be

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Decoration is a huge and complex system engineering. In order to achieve "plain decoration", we need to pay attention to the following matters:

avoid excessive artistic design. When over using artistic design means to decorate ordinary homes, it often makes the decoration impractical, such as using convex and concave treatment in wall decoration, but the subsequent problem will be cleaning difficulties

avoid complete hotel decoration. When some families arrange primary and secondary bathrooms, the master bedroom often enjoys the master bathroom alone. In fact, the double bathroom is to solve the problem of family members entering the toilet at the same time. If it is divided mechanically, it will cause trouble

lighting design should avoid exhibition mode. If the lighting of the living room and dining room is designed according to the exhibition area mode of the exhibition hall, it may produce a good visual effect, but for a family, it is not only energy consuming but also too exaggerated

don't ignore the details of life. If you only pay attention to the design and decoration of large space, and ignore the small details such as washing, drying, reasonable storage of movable footbasins, maintenance of using circuits and reserved places, it will bring trouble to daily life

avoid privacy design. In order to publicize their personality, many designers often regard home decoration as their own works of art and randomly transform the home layout, but the actual use effect is not good. For example, many families are not suitable for open kitchen design

attention should be paid to continuity in the construction process. If some projects requiring continuous construction are not achieved, the decoration quality will be seriously affected. Therefore, when decorating, the owner should not only urge the decoration company that each construction process should be carried out by a specially assigned person, but also maintain the continuity of construction time

the color of wood products should be as single as possible, which can not only produce a sense of unity, but also use the texture of solid wood to spell out unique patterns

there should be room for payment. Generally, the decoration fee should be paid to the decoration company in several batches. The owner must check and accept the project in person or ask an expert to pay the last amount after the project is checked and accepted. The acceptance is best about a week after the project is completed




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