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[Erica whole house customization] if the soft outfit is right, the style is right. Nordic style home, which represents a kind of fashion, is designed with simple plain colors or current popular colors, together with simple furniture, forming a strong postmodern feature. So how to build a Nordic style home? Here are five key points that you can grasp instantly

1. Clean and simple lines, simple and smooth lines must be the favorite of all Nordic controllers. The design form of furniture is mostly formed in a straight line, and great attention is paid to the treatment of details

2 Unified hue, the Nordic countries will use a large area of pure color in the color selection of furniture, especially the black and white gray of the medium color system, which is often used as the main color of the space, and then decorated with other silver or beige to create a low-key sense of tranquility, calm and introverted

3. For minimalist hanging paintings, choose paintings of different colors for different wall colors, choose light hanging paintings for dark walls, and choose some brightly colored paintings for light walls to match

4 For decorative items with a sense of design, choose a wooden table or tea table, and put small objects with an artistic sense. In the gray space, there is some Japanese Zen, and at the same time, it can increase a lot of warmth

5 Lamps and log furniture, Nordic style home decoration slowly evolved into two styles under the development of time: first, the natural Nordic style dominated by solid wood furniture; Second, modern Nordic style, focusing on simple industrial style furniture. Health, simplicity, lightness, ease and comfort are the main characteristics of Nordic style furniture. Among them, maple, ash wood, red oak, white oak and other raw wood are of the best quality





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