Brother's 4-year-old boy was cut off three fingers

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The 4-year-old boy was cut off three fingers by his uncle because of the decoration conflict between his brothers

Liu Xiyong accompanied his son Liu Yubing lying on the hospital bed

the two brothers had always been at odds, and there was another dispute over the decoration of his brother's new house. When his sister-in-law came to the village cadre for on-site adjustment, his brother-in-law Liu was stopped and rushed into his brother's bedroom holding an iron bar twice. When the crowd caught up, the 4-year-old nephew was strangled by Liu with both hands. The child's left hand was bleeding, and three fingers had been broken.

yesterday, in gantang'ao village, Wenquan Town, Yingshan County, Huanggang City, speaking of the scene that happened at home the day before yesterday, Li binghe, a 35 year old farmer's wife, looked frightened and burst into tears

sibling discord and renewed conflict due to decoration

Li Bingbing's husband Liu Xiyong is 41 years old, and he is a sibling with 38 year old Liu

the reporter visited group 4 of gantang'ao village yesterday, and many villagers who did not want to be named said that the two brothers of Liu had always been at odds, and they seemed to have some minor contradictions in the past, and they had not had much contact

it is reported that Mr. Liu has been unmarried and usually lives mainly on odd jobs. From the end of February this year, next to Liu Xiyong's 3-story building, Liu started to build a 3-story new house, and the main body was completed by the end of April

Li binghe said that a sewer pipe installed on the rear outer wall of Liu's new house was close to the outer wall of her home. When it rained, the rain made a lot of noise, which affected the rest of her daughter, who was a junior in high school; The accumulated water on the roof of Liu's new house can flow directly to the roof of her house, causing some walls to seep. For these two problems, Li binghe has approached Liu several times to discuss solutions

in the morning of the day before yesterday, Li binghe consulted with Liu again and was beaten by the other party with a stick. At noon, Li binghe called the group leader of group 4, 59 year old Liu Guoqiang and villager Liu Jianpeng, hoping that the two would come forward to mediate

didn't hit his sister-in-law on his 4-year-old nephew

at about 13:30 that day, Liu Guoqiang, Liu Jianpeng and Li Bingbing came to the backyard of Liu's new house. Liu Guoqiang said yesterday that before the mediation began, Liu took out a 1-meter-long iron rod from his home to hit Li binghe, but was stopped by the crowd. He took out a 1-meter-long steel rod and rushed to Li binghe, which was also stopped. After that, Liu returned to his house

the scene was a little mixed, but Li binghe heard his brother-in-law say: then I'll fuck your son! Liu Guoqiang also felt bad, so he asked Li binghe and his wife to hurry back to the house to have a look

his son Liu Yubing was watching TV alone in his bedroom bed, and Li binghe and Liu Xiyong ran to the bedroom one after another

as soon as I got to the bedroom door, I saw my uncle was strangling his son's neck with both hands. Li binghe quickly grabbed Liu's left arm, but his brother-in-law then strangled his son's neck with his right hand and carried his son from the head of the bed to the end of the bed. Later, Liu Xiyong also rushed into the bedroom. During the pulling, the child fell to the ground from Liu's hand and did not move at that time. Li binghe thought his son was strangled and fainted on the spot

Liu Jianpeng rushed into the bedroom and picked up Liu Yubing lying on the ground. He found that his left hand was bleeding, his left index finger and middle finger had been broken into half pieces, and his ring finger had half pieces, and his fingers were only skin connected. At this time, Liu Xiyong and Liu fought to the living room. My son is like this. It's important to save people! Liu Guoqiang shouted

then, Liu Guoqiang rode a motorcycle, and Liu Xiyong rushed to the village clinic with the unconscious Liu Yubing in his arms. The clinic suggested transferring to the county people's hospital. After the wound was cleaned in Yingshan County People's Hospital, the child was sent to Wuhan Bauhinia hospital




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